• HSE Management System documentation (HSE Policy, Manuals and operational procedures)

  • Operational and Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Protection Systems Design, Installation and maintenance - These include: Gas, Smoke/heat Detection and Alarm System (Conventional and Addressable).

  • Access Control System

  • Facility inspection and management for improvement.


  • General HSE Awareness training (for Managers and Supervisors)

  • Fire Protection and Safety Training (for selected personnel as marshals/wardens)

  • Training on HEMP (Hazards and Effect Management Process). This includes: Risk Assessment methodologies, Hazards and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Hazards Identification (HAZID),

  • Job Safety/Hazards Analysis (JSA/JHA) for Line Managers and Supervisors

Supply Services

  • Personal Protective Equipment – Protective wears appropriate for the food processing and handling operations.

  • Fire protection equipment supply – Fire extinguishers, Fire Smoke/Heat detectors and Fire Blanket.

  • Site Safety – Car Park marking

  • Symbolic HSE signs and notices etc.


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